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  1. Allison Martin:

    I was looking to rent a banquet hall for a private function and would like to know your current rates.
    thank you

  2. Marina Village:

    Hi Allison,

    The rates for special events such as weddings, parties, anniversaries, etc can be found at – the price range for special events is $300 to $2600 and includes tables, chairs, and a dance floor. The price is flat rate (no tax), but will be determined by the room and day you select. If you don’t want to post your email here (so I can forward it to one of the conference center sales crew), you can call 619 222 1620 or email for more info. Someone is here 7 days per week.


  3. Laura Pettijohn:

    I was wondering what your current pricing was and if you had any dates available mid to late February

    • Marina Village:

      Hi Laura – You can find our rates here ( – we’ll send you a quick email to get a good phone number for you to discuss the number of guests you’d want; we have quite a few halls available for rent so we’d like to narrow it down. Thanks!

  4. Jason:


    I would like to get more info our your venue. My wife and I and panning our wedding for late August early September.

    • Jason:

      Oops sorry about the typo.

    • Jason:

      Phone number is 619-791-9544, wife’s number is 619-791-9545 thank you.

      • Marina Village:

        Hi Jason,

        I’ve passed your inquiry on to Victoria; she should be getting back to you via phone or email, however if you don’t hear from her by 3 or so, please feel free to call in. We’re at 619 222 1620. Thanks so much!

  5. Janise:

    I am looking to having my wedding reception there wanted to know prices if you had any packages . I am having my wedding on July,26,2014

    • Marina Village:

      Hi Janise –

      We rent the venue only, which includes tables/chairs/dance floors inside, and the lawns for ceremonies (which include an arch and up to 100 chairs). We don’t have catering packages, however you ARE allowed to choose your own vendors. What’s a good email / phone number so we can contact you to discuss more?

      • Ashley:

        I see that I can choose my own vendors…are there restrictions on serving alcohol?

        • Marina Village:

          Hi Ashley,

          There are no restrictions, other than that the person signing the contract with us is responsible for making sure that minors do not drink the alcohol. Beyond that, you are welcome to bring in kegs, cans, bottles, full bar…whatever you would like. FYI – if you do opt for a keg, please arrange to have all items picked up the same day as your event.


        • Marina Village:

          We do not have restrictions on the type/amount of alcohol served, we only require that you monitor underage guests.

  6. Alicia montes:

    I am planning a wedding for late June or July wedding of 2014. I wanted to know your prices and if you could provide chairs for over 100 people.

    • Marina Village:

      Hi Alicia,

      If you are looking for a ceremony only, the price will be $600 or $500, depending on the day. We provide up to 100 chairs with the lawn rental. If you need more than 100 chairs, each additional chair would be $2.25/each.

      Are you looking for a reception as well?

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