Client: Larissa and Jason
Event Date: April 23, 2011
Room/Lawn: South Lawn and Baja

Tell us a story: I’d say thanks for asking, but I’m the one maintaining our website and social media, so it was my idea to start a Featured Clients section.  Seriously, we have some great clients and it’s fun to look at all their photos. But I *did* have my event here, and I *did* have an absolutely wonderful time – honestly! – so you guys get to hear about some of it.

Any particular moment from your event that you want to share
? Oh man. There were so many great moments, but I can say that it went by surprisingly faster than I anticipated. All that planning (and thankfully not too much stress) made for a very short evening. Granted, it made for a very spectacular evening, but a quick one nonetheless.
It was a lovely time, and my heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone that helped. It was a great opportunity to call in all the favors people have said they’ve owed me over the years. 🙂 As a side note, I did NOT fall while walking down the aisle (although wearing 5” stilettos on the lawn made for some very precarious moments), and I may or may not have giggled during my entire ceremony. I invited quite a few coworkers, so it was nice to have a fun time with them as well. Things like that remind me that we really are a family here, and I do truly enjoy working at this facility. (Oh, we don’t work on commission so that’s a genuine sentiment talking. Haha!)

What made you decide on Marina Village? Probably the fact that I’m on the payroll. Ahh, just kidding – although seriously, it was the most logical choice.  My husband and I started dating in 2001, which meant that a month after our wedding we celebrated ten years of being together.  We had just purchased our first house in 2009, so a big formal party seemed out of reach, however I’ve developed great relationships with lots of vendors since starting here in 2007.  The timing to do something when we did worked out perfectly.  We planned informally for about three years, but I didn’t really set a date until after I found (and paid off) my dress. I think it was about ten months before the date that I started paying out deposits to vendors, so the luxury of being able to plan way in advance was something I know I was lucky to be able to do. I sent out Save The Dates about six months in advance, and made a wedding website in addition.
Plus, it’s GORGEOUS here at Marina Village! It’s like working at a park on the water; so peaceful and quiet. Growing up in a small steel-mill-oriented town outside of Pittsburgh, PA, you don’t grow up picturing having a big event that could be considered a ‘destination wedding’. But we did, and it was killer. There’s great landscaping, a ton of free parking, and it’s one of the few places locally where you can use any vendors you want, and there are no noise restrictions. It really allows for a customizable event without that high-end budget that normally comes to mind when you think of weddings.
Overall, A++, would party again. 🙂


Dress – Ebano by Pronovias
Tuxedos – Friar Tux
Officiant & Master of Ceremonies – Mr. Durwood Murray
DJ – Arturo Garcia
Catering – – Ramon Salido
Invites and RSVPs – Say It With Style
Cupcakes –
Bride’s Hair & Makeup – Janean Cook
Rings – Robbins Brothers
Lighting, Tulle & Arch Decor – Pedro Hernandez
Photographer – Stephina Photography – Tina
Special Guest Photographer – Ivonne Carley

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