If you are here as a guest tenant, we do not require a 30-day notice.  Your length of stay is defined and pre-paid when you make the guest reservation.

If you are here as a permanent tenant, we do require a 30-day notice

If you are here as a permanent tenant and thinking of selling your boat, we suggest submitting your notice sooner rather than later, as you will be financially responsible for the slip thirty days from the date we receive your form.

If you are selling your boat and your buyer is leaving the same day they purchase the boat, the seller is financially responsible for the slip for all 30 days.  We may be able to utilize your security deposit to cover time remaining after you give your notice, however we can discuss that option at the time notice is given.

If you are selling your boat and the buyer wishes to keep it in the marina, the following must happen:
1) AS SOON AS THE BOAT IS IN THEIR NAME, the buyer must submit the following:  a completed guest application, proof of insurance and proof of registration or documentation (all in their name).  A bill of sale or travel letter will temporarily suffice while they are on a guest agreement.
2) The slip does NOT transfer with the sale of the boat.
3) If the buyer would like to stay as a permanent tenant, they will have to go through our application process, much like the seller themselves may have.  This involves a completed long term application, proof of residence, credit or  reference checks, et cetera.

For further details or clarification, please contact our office.

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