Vendor List

We work with many vendors that provide a wide range of services, a few of whom are listed below (alphabetically by company).  If you are a vendor inquiring how to work here, please contact the office. We require a $500,000 commercial liability minimum, and to be listed on the insurance policy as additional insured.

Vendor work hours are from 8:00AM – 4:30PM, Monday through Friday (no weekends).

Below are some of the vendors that have provided us with satisfactory insurance & liability requirements.  If you wish to use a vendor that is not in the table below, please contact us to confirm that we have their information on file and that they are permitted to work here.

Vendor list last updated22-Oct-14
2M Marine Services / James Merten & Eric Mycroft21-Mar-15
A.O. Reed & Co.31-Dec-14
Admiralty Marine Service19-Feb-15
Alejandro Vargas24-Mar-15
Aloha Marine01-Sep-15
All Hands On Deck Yacht Detailing, LLC01-Feb-15
Alltech Yacht Solutions23-Jul-15
Alpha One Diving Partners / William & Antony Raschick & Ludio Rodriques & Rafael Gonzales01-Feb-15
American Tanks, LLC (Vince Skandunas)01-Feb-15
Americo Works19-Dec-14
Anchor Management Marine Service09-Nov-14
Antac Pest Control15-May-15
Aqua Force Diving Service LLC05-May-15
Aqualec / Tony Rowe13-Dec-14
Aquarius Yacht Service DBA Barnacle Buzz09-Dec-14
Athena's Upholstery18-May-15
Atlas Environmental Service, Inc01-Sep-15
Attention to Detail (ATD Services)06-Apr-15
Baja Canvas & Upholstery10-Apr-15
Barnacle Busters13-Nov-14
Barnacle Buzz (Aquarius Yacht Service)09-Dec-14
Bay Pump LLC01-Feb-15
Bayport Yachts, Inc31-Mar-15
Baywash SD Inc15-Nov-14
Belmonte Canvas19-Apr-15
Benchmark Custom Welding Inc01-Feb-15
Blairwood Marine Services07-Mar-15
Blue Horizon Diving Services15-Nov-14
Blue Moon Dive Service Inc20-Jun-15
Boat Grotto23-Jul-15
Boatswain's Locker01-Jan-15
Bow to Stern14-Dec-14
British Marine Company11-May-15
California Marine Services (Marine Service of SD, Executive Yachts Management, Marlans Marine, San Diego Boat Marine)01-May-15
Captain Frost / Robert Van Ness25-Jun-15
Carver Marine / Hugo Carver29-May-15
CC Rigging / Christopher Catterton01-Feb-15
Cedillo Marine / Francisco Cedillo31-Jan-15
Chingon Custom Metal Fabrication01-Jul-15
Choice Diving Service / Darren Spivey28-Oct-14
Christian Marine Service / Christian Hansen01-Feb-15
Coleman Marine Diesel04-Aug-14
Custom Marine Electronics, Inc14-Jul-15
D & I Diving / Ismael Martinez & David Loera25-Oct-14
D & N Diving12-Feb-15
Da Kine Diving Service01-Jan-15
Dafleck Enterprises LLC01-Oct-14
Daniel's Detailing Service / Daniel Chavez16-Aug-14
Davis & Adams Const. Inc01-Apr-15
Dawson Marine Services18-Jul-15
Dependable Marine Service01-Feb-15
Detail Diving Service / Erick Gonzales31-Aug-14
Dirty Bottoms Hull Cleaning01-Feb-15
Diversified Yacht Care / Simo Orlich01-Feb-15
DMC Diving & Engineering / Victor Rivera28-Feb-15
Dockside Divers, Inc / Brian Hall & Mike Rios01-Feb-15
Dockside Mobile Marine / Ryan Jacobs24-Jun-15
Doctor Electron / Alan Katz01-Feb-15
Doug Emley Marine Surveyor26-Jul-14
Down Time Diving / Robert Beltran01-Feb-15
Ed Noonan DBA West Coast Yacht & Marine Service01-Feb-15
Ed Reiner Diving / Ed Riener, Eddy Riener & Pierre Michel01-Feb-15
Electric Regatta LLC DBA San Diego Electric Boat Company22-Jan-15
Ellis Marine / Jesse Young11-Aug-15
Executive Yachts Management (California Marine Services, Marine Service of SD, Marlans Marine, San Diego Boat Marine)01-May-15
Excel Yachts, Inc / Kevin Morgan01-Aug-15
Explorer Marine Services01-Feb-15
Fabio Tartari DBA West Coast Diving Service01-Feb-15
First Watch Marine / PK & Gary12-Jun-15
Five Star Yacht Services15-Feb-15
Fonteneau Yacht Repair01-Nov-14
Fuel Oil Polishing Co of San Diego17-Nov-14
Gillett Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Inc / Thomas Gillett02-Sep-15
Go Patriots / Joe Gallagher06-Jun-15
Graphix Group15-Mar-15
Greg Moore Marine DBA San Diego Boat Engines & Electric13-Mar-15
Harbor Pest Control, Inc01-Jul-15
Hawthorne Machinery Co / Steve Hollingsworth01-Feb-15
Herdez Underwater Maintenance / Felipe Hernandez30-Dec-14
Hipp Marine Service Inc23-Dec-14
Hoffman Foam & Precision / Guillermo Acosta29-Aug-14
Hoffmann Yacht Management / Stephen Hoffmann01-Feb-15
Honey Bee Rescue13-May-15
Horizon Marine Service Co / Gary Kowal01-Feb-15
Hotshotz / Oscar Rojas26-Nov-14
Ian Johnston18-May-15
I-Dive / Doug Rivas,Carlos,Julie & Samuel Aguilar21-Nov-14
Imperial Pacific Enterprises / Jeff Herrera18-Jun-15
Infinity Yacht Service / Wallazz Eaton23-Jul-15
Innovative Woodworks / Tom Kaufman16-Apr-15
J Hughes Boat Works06-Sep-14
J3 Marine / Economy Marine Service05-Sep-14
Jack Sharp (Sharp Exterminator Company)01-May-15
Jeremy Pickett Marine Service01-Feb-15
Jim Dixon Marine Service28-May-15
Jim Pastel Marine Service01-Feb-15
JLS Marine Technologies07-May-15
John Artale Boat Service01-Feb-15
John Gumb Yacht Management LLC01-Feb-15
Josies Yacht Detailing / Josie Oliver01-Feb-15
Julia's Cushions29-Apr-15
JW Marine Service / Jim Wilson01-Feb-15
Kaiulani Marine Service / Luis Mendoza01-Feb-15
KD Mobile Service / Kevin Dotson01-Feb-15
Kenneth Closs DBA Red Skies Yacht Maintenance04-Sep-14
King's Dive Service LLC03-Jul-15
Kris Yacht Maintenance / Cristianey & Sarie Carrera18-Jun-15
La Salle Lighting & Solar Electric01-Apr-15
Larry VR's Marine Services / Larry Van Rickley25-Jul-15
Larry's Marine Service / Larry Callegari29-Aug-14
Leatherback Canvas / Joel Butler01-Feb-15
Leo's Marine Service09-Sep-14
Leroy Lester Marine Surveyor15-Dec-14
Link Marine Service14-Sep-14
Los Cabos Yacht Care / Santiago Castro30-Apr-15
Lot Management / Red Cow, Inc01-Oct-14
M & M Yacht Repair & Sales / Megan McQuaid12-Sep-14
Manny's Yacht Care13-Jun-15
Marine & Technology Services, LLC06-May-15
Marine Bilge & Fuel03-Jan-15
Marine Electrical Systems / Bill Kinne01-Jun-15
Marine Man / Phillip Jones29-Oct-14
Marine Service of SD (California Marine Services, Executive Yachts Management, Marlans Marine, San Diego Boat Marine)01-May-15
Mark Melendrez Diving01-Feb-15
Marks Marine Electic21-Jun-14
Marlans Marine (California Marine Services, Marine Service of SD, Executive Yachts Management, San Diego Boat Marine)01-May-15
Marty's Marine Service, LLC / Marty Freeman27-Sep-14
Megling Marine Service / Robert Soren Megling11-Jun-15
Memo's Custom Canvas22-Feb-15
Mermaid Yacht Care / Alfredo & Erika Ocasio01-Mar-15
Mike Gavin Canvas Services07-Jan-15
Mission Bay Lessees Assoc.30-Jul-15
Mission Bay Yacht Detailing05-Apr-15
Mobile Filtration / David Blue13-Dec-14
Mobile Plastic Works, Inc09-Aug-15
Mobile Pro Marine Service Inc13-Jul-15
Morton Marine Service LLC01-Feb-15
Mount Helix Pest & Termite Control, Inc01-Mar-15
Murphy's Canvas / Marshall Murphy01-Feb-15
Nelson Yacht Refinishing / Darrell Nelson19-Jun-14
North Star Yacht Service04-Feb-15
Ocean Beach Boat & Auto Upholstery / David Skogund01-Oct-15
Oceanic Dive Services DBA Omni Precision Diving01-Feb-15
Offshore Outfitters / Shea Weston01-Feb-15
Omega Diving Service / Leonard Stephen01-Feb-15
Omni Precision Diving Service / Oceanic Dive Service,LLC01-Feb-15
Pacific Marine Service / Ruben Nunez25-Feb-15
Pacwest Marine & Industrial Inc10-Mar-15
Paradise Pellegrino Yacht Management02-Oct-14
Performance Yacht Care / Douglas Conceicao11-Sep-15
Propulsion Controls Engineering Inc30-Nov-14
Quality Marine Service01-Feb-15
Ranch Catering Inc11-Aug-14
Ranlin International26-May-15
RBC Services01-Feb-15
Record Marine Services01-Feb-15
Red Cow, Inc / Lot Management01-Oct-14
Red Skies Yacht Maintenance / Kenneth Closs04-Sep-15
Reds Refinishing / Garnett Hassett06-Sep-14
Reef, A Division of VF Outdoor Inc / Ralph Shank01-Jun-15
Revolution Marine Outfitting Inc / Brian Hoffman01-Oct-14
Rick Krug Marine Service12-Mar-15
Rick Reynolds Yacht Services (Driscoll Mission Bay)13-Feb-15
Rick's Diving / Rick Molina01-Feb-15
Rigworks, Inc24-Aug-14
Rivera Boat Service / Gustavo Baez01-Aug-15
Roberts Bennett Norton Inc (RBN Design)01-May-15
Said Dives / Miguel Perez Garcia12-Sep-14
Salty Dog Yacht Service Inc24-Jan-15
San Diego Boat Engines & Electric (Greg Moore Marine)13-Mar-15
San Diego Boat Marine (Marlans Marine, California Marine Services, Marine Service of SD, Executive Yachts Management)01-May-15
San Diego Boatworks (David Servais)09-Apr-15
San Diego Electric Boat Company (Electric Regatta LLC)22-Jan-15
San Diego Fume Works19-Apr-15
San Diego Hull Divers LLC07-Aug-15
Sanchez Carpets01-Feb-15
Sea Life Marine Services25-Mar-15
Sea Monster Marine13-Apr-15
Sea Net Electronics Inc20-Feb-15
Segura Yacht Service / Israel Segura20-Mar-15
Sergio's Yacht Maintenance / Sergio Hernandez01-Feb-15
Seven Seas Dive & Marine09-Jan-15
Shane Thompson DBA Thompson Enterprises Inc09-Jul-14
Sharp Exterminator Co / Jack Sharp01-May-15
Shelter Island Diving Service / Marcelo Jaeger07-Dec-14
Shipshape Detail09-May-15
Simon Boatworks / Christopher Simon26-Feb-15
Simon Duron16-Jan-15
Simplex Grinnell LP01-Oct-15
Skyriders Window Cleaning01-Jul-15
South Bay Yacht Service (Might be Jose Gracia, previously of BDR Marine - BDR Marine is banned from Marina Village - REQUEST PHOTO ID!!16-Sep-14
Stellar Yacht & Assoc, LLC04-Jun-15
Stephen's Marine Service / Stephen Vafis20-Mar-15
Steve's Marine01-Nov-14
Sub H20 / Ashley Wolters03-Feb-15
Sun Coast Marine Service08-Apr-15
Sunset Diving Services17-Apr-15
Sunshine Yacht Maintenance08-Aug-14
T.J.'s Yachtworks / T.J Steinkoenig28-Feb-15
Teldata / West Coast Cabling, Inc.01-Jan-15
The Packard Companies01-Apr-14
Thomas Marine Inc01-Feb-15
Thompson Enterprises Inc (Shane Thompson)09-Jul-15
Tom Kaufman - DBA Innovative Woodworks16-Apr-15
Triple M Marine Welding & Repair24-May-15
Triton Marine Service / Francisco Sandoval24-Feb-15
Ullman Sails San Diego / O'Brien Marine Inc27-Aug-15
Universal Protection Service01-Sep-14
Upgrade Marine / Brian Perrin & Justin Merlini05-May-15
Valley Power Systems, Inc01-Apr-15
VB Engineering / Vincent Balch08-Dec-14
Vereda Boat Maintenance / Alfredo Vereda22-May-15
VF Outdoor Inc / Ralph Shank01-Jun-15
Viking Marine Services / Joe Boege19-Aug-14
Vince Skandunas DBA American Tanks, LLC01-Feb-15
Waste Management Holdings Inc & All Affiliated01-Jan-15
West Coast Diving Service (Fabio Tartari)01-Feb-15
West Coast Gelcoat / Timothy Boyle01-Feb-15
West Marine Inc01-Apr-15
Western Yacht Commissioning, Duffy Electric Boat & D.A. Fleck Ent. LLC01-Feb-15
World Marine10-Jun-15
Yacht Deck01-Mar-15


Vendors that are currently NOT permitted to work at Marina Village are as follows:
Jose Gracia (and/or associates of) BDR Marine


Marina Village has two distinct departments to serve your needs:


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